The Original Pantheon of Compleatists

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(This page was updated as of Episode 128)

Since we launched our celebrated podcast in the spring of 2008, a number of people have stated with great pride that they have listened to every episode. We have decided to give these people an acknowledgment of sorts, and that acknowledgment is this page. We call it The Pantheon of Compleatists.

The criteria for membership in the Pantheon is twofold:

  • Fold One: You have listened to all the episodes
  • Fold Two: You tell us that you have listened to all the episodes.

Now there’s a slight problem here. If after, say, eighty episodes, you were to tell us that you have listened to everything, that’s all well and good. But if you quit after episode 80, what do we do? The criteria is somewhat revised with each new episode we launch.

Therefore, we’ll list people on this page, and put a number after their name. That number is the last episode that we know you listened to. If you stay in touch with us, and let us know from time to time that you’re still listening, we’ll make sure to reflect that on this page. (And if you don’t contact us, your lower number will remain as a notice to others that you abandoned us.)


  • Peter Gordon (128)
  • Bruce Sutphin (128)
  • Eric Peterson (128)

Former Completists:

  • Michael Marcus (126)
  • Matt Matera (126)
  • Doug Peterson (125)
  • Dan Feyer (122)*
  • Todd McAy (121)
  • Amanda Yesnowitz (121)*
  • Jeffrey Krasnick (109)^
  • Mike Nothnagel (105)
  • Kevin Ashworth (102)
  • Nicole Hersh (102)
  • Jared Hersh (100)
  • Keith Robert Murray (100)
  • Sammy-The-Dentist (100)*^
  • Vic Fleming (99)
  • Jeff T., Not-the-Dentist (99)*
  • Miguel (94)
  • Thomas Love (91)

People who might be Compleatists, but aren’t sure:

  • Patrick Blindauer (?)
  • Alison Cimmet (?)

* Original Compleatists
^ Troppel-Compleatists (through 100).
Also, please note — the spelling C-O-M-P-L-E-A-T-I-S-T is a rather recent development. See the commentary thread from Episode 100 for more useless backstory.

FINALLY – please note that as of sometime in the summer of 2010, this page went unattended for a while, and data may not be accurate. We’ll catch up, eventually.

Update Since the Show Ended

The text above is clearly not up-to-date. It’s what was current on the last version of the page we could find on

For those who have listened to all of the old and new episodes, there’s a New Pantheon of Compleatists. Join today!