#085: Mohammed and Crosscan, leaders in their own way.

The original Winner of the Contest becomes part of his own legacy.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode 85 of Fill Me In. This is going to be our last episode of 2009, so it’s got a little extra of a few favorite Fill Me In features, including:

  • mediocre sound quality
  • Viewer Mail that no one understands
  • arguments over things that may or may not matter
  • general nonsense

We also talk about some puzzles, offer a new contest, and Ryan makes a noise he’s never made on the podcast before. Oh — and if you don’t understand the contest (part of it is a little bit “insider”), we forgot to include a password this week. So email us at rbxblog at gmail dot com, and make up your own password. We’ll help you out.

A few disclaimers:

  1. Because of the hack a few weeks ago, we got backlogged in our email. We tried to catch up on this episode, but it would have been three hours of Viewer Mail, which is probably more than anyone except Ryan wants to deal with. So if we didn’t include you this week, stay with us, and we’ll try to include you in Episode 86.
  2. Last week, we discussed the possibility that the “I’m A PC/iMac” contest from Episode 83 may have been faulty. We have been set straight — it was not faulty; we were faulty. The contest was wonderful, and Umpire Peter Gordon says there was no balk.
  3. Because it’s usually Brian who writes these podcast posts, he has the power to say here, officially, that Ernie is a Muppet.
  4. Zambezi and oat. We haven’t said that part in a while.

Enjoy this episode — and we’ll see you in 2010!