Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called “Viewer Mail”? Is there a video I can’t see?

No, there is no video. In an early episode, one of us inadvertently referred to our audience as “viewers,” and it stuck. Shortly thereafter, Ryan created the famous “Viewer Mail Theme Song,” and there was no turning back.

Do you discuss anything else in the puzzle world besides the week’s New York Times crosswords?

Sometimes. We only commit to solving the New York Times puzzles on a daily basis, but we both spend plenty of time on other puzzles as well. And certainly, if there’s a puzzle-related event, we try to find out as much as we can and share the information with our audience.

You’ve done a ton of episodes. How can I get caught up?

Well, you can listen to everything. Or you can just skip most of Season One, and pick it up with our recap of the 2009 ACPT (which is where we started to find what little stride we have). That’s Episode 43. Or you can just start with the most recent one instead.

Where did you get that theme music?

Brian wrote it.

Do you consider yourselves experts?

Sure. Ryan is an expert at hating certain baseball players who have made his life as a Dodger fan an absolute train wreck. And Brian is an expert at proper sidewalk etiquette (and believes that 98% of New Yorkers have no idea what they’re doing).

I want a nickname!

That’s not a question. But the truth is — nicknames seem to just happen. When we try to force them, they never seem to stick. So write in, talk to us, join our community here, and eventually, the nickname will find you.